Meet the Team

Photo of Alan Price Alan Price


Alan worked for a large telecommunications provider for 26 years and gained experience in many facits. Started off doing phone installations and soon moved into telephone exchange maintenance. Progressed through the grades doing training, commissioning of exchanges, in-depth investigations of voice and data problems, Service Quality Management and automatic test equipment.

He then became interested in computers and after obtaining a Diploma at UNISA, developed software solutions to monitor and analyse the telecommunications traffic throughout the country. Moved to a company designing mobile phones and was a member of the team implementing the production line in Malaysia and China.

In 2003 he started the business in response to seeing the wide range of communications needs of customers. One of his main goals is to build and maintain a satisfied client base by aiming to meet customer needs through superior quality and service.

Alan's credentials include

  • Certificate in Telecommunications
  • Diploma in Datametrics
  • Project Management
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Registered Cabler
  • Next-G Wireless Antenna Installer
  • Satellite Dish Installer
  • BICSI Registered Cabler (Open)